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Top 20 DevOps Interview Questions and Answers for 2022


Blog   |    5th February 2022   |   Rupali

DevOps Interview Questions and Answers

Organizations worldwide are quickly embracing the DevOps culture to streamline their business strategies. If you ever want to pursue a job in this field, you should prepare for the most typical DevOps Certification interview questions. This article contains a list of the 20 most often asked DevOps interview questions and answers to assist you in preparing for your DevOps interview.

DevOps Interview Questions with Answers

Ansible is largely used in IT infrastructure for configuration management and deploying software applications to remote nodes autonomously.

The following are the three most important KPIs:

  • Mean time to failure recovery
  • Percentage of failed deployments
  • Deployment frequency

IaC allows developers to build, test, and descriptively manage infrastructure entities using formats such as JSON or YAML, similar to the scripts provided for other services. Infrastructure updates can be developed more easily and deployed more quickly.

Azure DevOps Pipeline develops and tests code projects automatically. It's an Azure cloud service that works with many project types and languages. This service aids in making code projects more accessible to other users.

Yes, Jenkins is portable, meaning it can be moved or copied from one server to another. It is feasible to migrate the jobs directory from the previous server to the new or current one while copying Jenkins. This process allows you to move an installation by copying it into the appropriate job directory.

The term "canary release" refers to a pattern for reducing the risk of releasing a new version of software into production. It is made available to a subset of users before being available to the entire user group.

Docker is container-based application development, deployment, and execution tool. It encapsulates an application with all dependencies to ensure that it runs smoothly. Docker lets you run programs on the same Linux kernel as your host.

This Pattern is a common way of continuous deployment for reducing downtime. You must replace the old code with a new one to include a new one. The new version is set in a green setting, while the old one is blue. You'll need to create a new instance from the old one to run the newer version.

Jenkinsfile is a source control repository for a Jenkins pipeline. It provides for pipe code review and iteration and allows a pipeline audit trail. The pipeline has a single source of truth that can be accessed and updated.

  • Jenkins can set up the same authentication system as the deployed application server.
  • Jenkins stores user data and credentials in an internal database.
  • Jenkins can authenticate users using an LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) server.

It stands for 'Nagios Remote Plugin Executor,' allowing users to remotely monitor machine performance metrics using Nagios plugins on other Linux or Unix systems.

The abbreviation "EUCALYPTUS" stands for "Elastic Utility Computing Architecture for Linking Your Programs to Useful Systems." It's compatible with DevOps software like Puppet and Chef.

Interview Questions on DevOps

    1. 1. Explain Pair Programming using DevOps as an example.Pair programming is an Extreme Programming Rules engineering technique where two programmers collaborate on the same system and design/code/algorithm. One can drive, and the other is the observer. You may delete the jobs at any time and without notice.


    1. 2. What are the advantages of employing the Nagios Log Server?The following are some of the advantages of using Nagios Log Server:● Responses from the tech team are simple to coordinate.

      ● Fixes Problems automatically.

      ● Responds quickly to problems.

      ● Maintains a close eye on corporate operations and infrastructure.

      ● Ensures that any IT infrastructure outages have a minimal impact.

      ● Meets the service-level agreements between the client and the business.


    1. 3.Explain how to use Git's branching feature.Consider the following scenario: you're working on an app and want to add a new feature. You can make a new branch and work on the new functionality there. You always work on the main branch. The circles on the branch represent the branch's various commits. You can merge it with the main branch once you've finished all the changes.


4. What is Selenium IDE, and how does it work?

Selenium IDE is a one-stop-shop for developing Selenium scripts and a Firefox extension that may debug, change, and record tests. Selenium IDE includes the entire Selenium Core, which allows us to replay and record tests in the same context. Because of its ability to shift instructions around quickly and the autocomplete support, Selenium IDE is the finest environment for developing Selenium tests, independent of the kind of testing we like.

    1. 5. What types of tests does Selenium support?● Load Testing examines a device's response after being subjected to a load. It is to investigate the system's behavior under specific conditions.● Functional testing is a sort of black-box testing in which test cases are created based on the software specification.

      ● Regression testing aids in the detection of new mistakes, regressions, and other issues in various functional and non-functional sections of code following a change.


    1. 6. What makes Azure DevOps Services and Azure DevOps Server different?Azure DevOps Services is a Microsoft Azure cloud service that provides a globally available, highly scalable, and dependable hosted service. On the other side, DevOps Server is an on-premise solution with a SQL Server backend. When enterprises need to use SQL Server reporting services connected with Azure DevOps data and tools, they choose the on-premise offering.


    1. 7. What is SSH's purpose?SSH is a protocol that connects two computers and allows you to operate on them remotely. SSH is primarily used by the operations team, as the operations team will be dealing with duties that require remote access to the admin system. The developers will use SSH as well, although to a lesser extent than the operations team because they will be working on local systems most of the time. The DevOps development team and the operations team will, as we all know, collaborate and work together. You can use SSH when the operations team encounters an issue and needs assistance from the development team.Professionals' communication and teamwork abilities improve as a result of DevOps certification. Knowlathon is well-known for its high-quality online courses and practice exams. Check out our DevOps certification trainingcourses if you want to earn a DevOps certification and advance your career.