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CSM Certification Cost in India

Blog   |    2nd May 2022   |   Rupali

CSM Certification Cost in India


Certified Scrum Master (CSM) certification is of high use and is in more demand these days, as most of the software industries are growing by adopting techniques of Scrum Framework. In this article, we will understand more about this course and about CSM Training Costs in India, along with other necessary information.

A Scrum Master is an expert who ensures that their Scrum Team is provided with the best condition to complete a project successfully. They take care of guiding, facilitating, and teaching Scrum practices to their team, ensuring that Scrum processes are followed in the right manner. Scrum Master Certification establishes you as a part of a select group of Scrum Alliance members who can lead their project teams to success.

Overview of Certified Scrum Master Course

The Scrum Alliance CSM course is an interactive learning experience and is also considered the gold standard of certification. Knowlathon trains you with the help of the most experienced and passionate agile trainers, ensuring each CSM class is personalized for the students to provide them with the best learning experience.

CSM training provides you with hands-on skills that you can apply in the real world to help excel in your career. CSM course from Knowlathon can be the best ideal solution to help you become a certified Scrum Master, awarded by Scrum Alliance.

Key Features of CSM Course by Knowlathon

Key Features of CSM Course by Knowlathon:

    • • Two days of online virtual classroom training
    • • Instructor-led virtual training program
    • • Exam fee included with the course fee
    • • A team of globally acclaimed Certified Scrum Trainers
    • • 16 PDUs included
    • • Number of end of chapter quizzes
    • • Training method included various role-plays, games, and simulations
    • • Progressive learning and support
    • • Various teaching modules

CSM Certification Cost in India

The CSM training cost varies according to the country you are opting for the CSM certification, the training module you want to opt for, and the training center. There are different training modules offered by Knowlathon that includes virtual online training, classroom training, and corporate training. However, the training cost in India ranges between Rs 24,000 to Rs 26,000, where exam cost is included with the training cost.

You are also allowed to go for a second attempt in case you are unable to crack the exam in your first attempt. You can opt for the second attempt free of cost within 60 days of completion of the CSM course.

It should be noted that if you want to re-attempt for the exam after 60 days of the course or want to go for a third attempt, then there is a cost associated. You need to pay $25 per attempt as a standard retake cost.

CSM Renewal

Along with CSM certification costs, you have also to pay to maintain or for renewal of the CSM certification. There are two important components of CM renewal. These include $100 as a renewal fee and 20 SEUs. You can earn these Scrum Educational Units by:

  • • Volunteering Contributions
  • • Self-Learning
  • • Providing coaching on Scrum Methodology
  • • Other team learning activity
  • • Attending Scrum Gatherings

CSM Certification Exam Format

  • • Name: Certified Scrum Master (CSM) Exam
  • • Format: This is an open book exam with Multiple Choice Questions format
  • • Duration: 60 min
  • • Number of Questions: 50
  • • Passing score: 74% (37 right answers out of 50)
  • • Language: English

Benefits of Investing in CSM Certification Course

CSM, an Agile framework has geared up to create innovations and productivity in all organizations. The CSM certification course is expected to meet the industry growth which is growing almost at a rate of 24% per year. Moreover, 72% of certified CSM job seekers found this course added an extra start to their resume and helped them in an interview.

CSM certification establishes that an individual is capable of:

  • • Lowering production costs
  • • Known to enhance collaboration communication within the organization
  • • Working with minimized risk module
  • • Making efficient use of time
  • • Ensuring higher productivity

Advantages of CSM Training

  • • Scrum allows you to understand a complete product development cycle. It trains you to work at your own pace but keeps the organization’s goal in your mind. Moreover, it helps you deliver the project on time and with job satisfaction.
  • • Scrum sounds easy for others while you work with your team, but is difficult for them when they start implementing it without knowledge. Scrum training is the only method that can help, as it allows learning the agile practice practically.
  • • This course teaches you how to be agile, then trains you to do things in an agile manner. You will understand to involve in Scrum activities and create Scrum workflow.


Scrum Alliance provides CSM certification. This certification establishes you as a scrum master, program manager, agile coach, agile scrum master, in an organization, especially in product-based companies.
Knowlathon provides CSM Training through real case studies, and with instructors that are highly interactive and experienced. Join today to earn a CSM certification and boost your career.