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Connecting business objectives to your Lean Six Sigma project

Blog   |    30th June 2021   |   Rupali

A bundle of objectives for a Lean Six Sigma project


Organizing a Lean Six Sigma Project? Get to the basics first!

As a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, you have a good part of the business. You are busy with the daily grind of the project.

Your project involves putting your touch across to a product or service. You are busy getting every nitty gritty right in order to make something better.

What remains to be done is, putting your touch out in a way that your leadership totally gets.

That is important because the leaders are responsible for maintaining the stability of the business.

They have to know what your product or service, and in essence, your project is going to
contribute to the business.

You have to set the tone for your project. It would be better to do it in a way the business understands.

After all, you will be putting in a tremendous amount of effort to improve the business.

So put the best version of your touch, or your unmatched mark onto your products and services.

That will give you a focal point while you show your work to your business leaders.

And business leadeship is really interested in focal points. They really want to see the business improve.

I'll make it clearer with an example.

At an IT company that specialized in digital marketing technology, designing an email marketing tool was a prime project.

The tool was in the form of a browser extension button, that was customized for all the popular browsers, and for some not very well known ones.

The Green Belts worked with the Sales teams and some key customer representatives to finalize the branding and appearance of the button.

While presenting their work, and reporting to the business heads, they focused on how the tool's standout features would bring more customers and hence more revenue to the business.
While reporting, they kept the body of the message riveted on the tool's primary functionality, and how it would attract more customers.

That made it easier for business heads as they set about working on their strategic goals.

To conclude

It makes complete sense for Green Belts to be focused on their efforts in bringing out a unique product or service. However, the context for their touch has to be set. In order to do that, getting your hands dirty with truly understanding business goals, is one way forward.

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