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How value propositions can add value to your project

Blog   |    16th June 2021   |   Rupali

flow of communication activities leading to business value realization


It is all about adding value through your products

As a PRINCE2 project manager, you have the business. You are busy bringing together products that primarily, bear your signature touch.

By doing that, you are making your way onto putting your touch out for the whole organization to experience.

And that experience is brought alive by seamless communication.

How is that a possibility?

You, as a project manager have to constantly co-ordinate and communicate through all possible channels and communication media.

With the business, you have to be constantly consulting with and educating leadership about the special effects of your signature touch.

You have to rally for your ideas. The business is not seeking a product, they are looking for value.

And you have to hand over your precious ideas to them, on a platter.

By way of rallying, you should be suggesting ways and means of using your products so that they can do a better job of achieving the objectives leaders have to achieve.

This works the other way round as well. You have to get them to open up about what it is that the business seeks to achieve, maybe this year or this quarter.

Then you can work it into your PRINCE2 project by charging up your teams to get on with their work on products that are aimed at achieving those business objectives.

A good idea would be to rope in the project executives.

By keeping them in the loop, you can spread your touch onto your products, and thereby, to the project leadership.

This would not be complete without a little story !

An IT company that developed unique services for large original equipment manufacturing firms, and global software giants had an idea: to develop an email marketing tool that honoured the several years of association they had with their clients.

The email marketing tool contained a database of branding elements of the client companies, for example the brand colours, logos, fonts, and so on.

As a result of this, when any of the client's digital marketing departments sought to use the tool to compose an email, they just had to drag and drop their branding elements onto the template, customize the email, and type in relevant text, and voila, email was done!

The project manager kept in clear view, ease of use and affordability of the tool all throughout their communication with senior business leaders.

This helped in reaching out the tool across all their clients and it was in totality, welcomed by one and all !

To conclude

I repeat, the business is busy setting and achieving its own objectives. You, as a PRINCE2 project manager, can make things easy for the business by coordinating and communicating how the very products you seek to develop are going to add value. You need to educate the business about your signature touch and how it is going to help on the road ahead.

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