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3 Lean Six Sigma Benefits to the organization

Blog   |    24th May 2021   |   Rupali


Lean Six Sigma only makes things better

As a CxO, you have the business. After all, it is your ideas and sense of direction that help to make your mark on the business. The IT resources that the business consumes are based on your ideas. That makes the business unique.

Lean Six Sigma takes your ideas in raw form and lends shape and size to clarify them into projects defining the future of the business.

Thus, it is your ideas that propel the business forward, with Lean Six Sigma to add thrust.

I'll tell you a little story.

There was once, an IT company that assembled high speed computing solutions. The processor performance was such that all the business applications that held all the data about a particular business could run together, all at the same time.

The company wanted to see a significant increase in the number of repeat customers. To that end, they put together a chain of Lean Six Sigma Belts.

The Black Belts analyzed the customer base to find people they could up-sell and cross-sell to. Additionally, they had a lot of data about new customers whose needs they were continuously monitoring. They put together a plan and gave direction to the whole project.

The Green Belts assisted analysis and communication. They received data from the Yellow Belts, worked on it, and communicated the results to the Black Belts.

The Yellow Belts did all the data gathering and verification. They even helped the Black Belts and Green Belts put together a business case.

You see the level of attention to detail Lean Six Sigma brings to an organization. This, and then some more, have been observed to have the three effects I am going to describe.

1. Lean Six Sigma improves the bottom line

Lean Six Sigma takes your original ideas and converts them into projects that add value to the business.

I've said this before.

What is more, Lean Six Sigma helps you evaluate and ask questions about the direction the project is taking.

Lean principles tell you to avoid waste. If, and only if, your project is converting efforts into results, must you go ahead. Otherwise you change direction and follow another, more profitable path.

2. Lean Six Sigma develops a clearer Big Picture

As you've just seen from the story, Lean Six Sigma churned out the organization's efforts into one vortex with a clear purpose: getting more repeat business.

This could be true of any other project, just any other project or company.

The information gleaned from the Belts help put the biggest issues into perspective.

More importantly, Lean Six Sigma helps you understand your business context and subsequently, your products and services very well.

3. Lean Six Sigma brings with it more meaningful improvement

As you have just seen, Lean Six Sigma helps you understand your context and why you are doing a particular project.

It's the why that matters the most. If it does not support your goals, you're not doing it. That simple.

And that, precisely, helps you make sense of what you are facing and how you could bring in excellence.


Without a shred of doubt, Lean Six Sigma is popular among business environments, and not just production. It helps you see what your company stands for, and how you are unique, and builds upon this knowledge to help you reap business benefits.

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