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3 business benefits of doing PRINCE2 Agile projects often

Blog   |    15th May 2021   |   Rupali

Break-up of growth occurring due to Agile projects


PRINCE2 Agile benefits stem from one place

You, as a CxO, have the business. You put in much effort guiding the creation of products that resemble the core identity of your business. It's all about your ideas.

PRINCE2 Agile takes this very thing and puts it in central position. You make your business different. Your ideas do.

That is the reason why your most loyal customers are doing business with you today. There is that factor that makes your business stand out.

What I mean by putting in central position is, allowing the entire organization to absorb it. It takes some time to define your factor, and then completely make it the focal point among the whole scheme of things.

PRINCE2 Agile project methodologies allow you that time.

There was a firm that had acquired quite a few different other companies and merged them into itself. The parent company had worked on its own branding for quite some time, and based on that idea, they were to develop branding templates for the aquired companies.

It was that clear idea from their own branding, that sharpened the knives for the template development. They knew what they wanted, and that helped them stay on track.

Using PRINCE2 Agile has the three benefits I'm going to tell you about.

1. Faster value creation for the business

That factor that your business thrives off is also known as the North Star. When you say North Star, images of a sturdy, reliable focus that doesn't allow you to be distracted come to mind.

This works in the same sense. You have something to lock your attention on. And it keeps you focused on what you should be achieving.

When your entire company, full of disparate teams and product lines, are all focused on that North Star, they know that getting to that level is an activity that will never cease.

This saves lot of time, because they don't lose sight and they don't go off and on about work. Thus, getting to the core of the project doesn't bleed time.

As a result of this, there is momentum gained by the project teams, and consequently, success, because the goals are very clear to them.

2. Unified team-based thinking

Like I said before, focusing on your North Star removed room for declutter. And this is true across the organization.

When what you want to achieve is right in front of your eyes, you are less likely to bring in added thoughts that could possibly, put you off track.

Additionally, this helps teams bond. After all, you have common goals to focus on.

Having a clearer picture of the end state dilutes any semblence of conflict that could potentially affect team bonding.

This puts teams differing in size and purpose, all on the same plane.

3. Agile boosts the brand

Aligning with the North Star helps your business clarify its own image.

As I said earlier, there are disparate teams working towards a common purpose.

Each member keeps getting to know the organization better. It's a process that never stops.

As a result of this, a common theme emerges, that develops into a brand. Your business's brand. An image that is impinged upon the mind of every person associated with the business.

And this happens the Agile way. Continuously, and without much ado.


Yes, your business will see the desired growth once your PRINCE2 Agile projects are successful. That's a no-brainer. But what is more important is, the business will grow into exactly that which is right for it, when there is time to absorb what it really stands for. PRINCE2 Agile allows you that.

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