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3 Benefits of getting your ISO 27001 efforts right in 2021

Blog   |    11th May 2021   |   Rupali

Relative strengths of the benefits of ISO 27001


ISO 27001: A must have in times like these

As a CIO, CTO, CEO, or more, you have a significant part of the business. You give your business a touch of you. And that is what sets it apart from other businesses.

In this day and age, what appeals to your customers is your ability to offer them what others cannot. When you bring your touch to the business, it tells them that you refuse to blend into the crowd and that your business has its own identity.

ISO 27001 does not bring anything tedious to the business. In fact, it highlights what you already have, to achieve this unmatched identity.

If that is what you seek to achieve, your business architecture should reflect your touch. After all, that is what supports your business in terms of technology. If that reflects your touch, it will go a long way in making your business truly unique.

To benefit from that kind of business architecture, you need to first understand it. And that is precisely what ISO 27001 helps you with.

An IT company specializing in server virtualization services began with this step of understanding and knowing their business architecture. That helped them stick to their touch, and that in turn helped them build products that baked security into their very being.

Now, I'll clarify the benefits for you one by one.

1. Your brand of business architecture

ISO 27001 helps you prep and prime your strategy to consider your business architecture. Once this is part of your strategy, you can think of making such architecture that bears your touch, a reality.

Propagate that as a brand, so that your whole business knows of it and recognizes it as theirs from the word go.

When you know your business architecture well, you know as well the risks that come with it. It then helps your business to keep track of things on their own, and you know where your help would be needed.

The server virtualization company did exactly this. They first got their hands dirty trying to piece everything about their business architecture together. That was their first step towards the backbone of the business that bore their touch.

2. Improved IT Governance

As I said earlier, once you know your touch, it becomes easy to stick to it. When you stick to your touch, you refuse to let anything else dilute it.

Which means that unwanted things seldom enter your set-up. And if at all they do, you know that they are not something that would fit in.

This takes a lot off from the pressure of policing your entire business. You intuitively know something doesn't fit. And that is how you better your risk eliminating structures.

The server virtualization company were successful at baking security into their very core. The route they followed to getting there was this : Know, limit, and manage business architecture.

3. Savings made !

A little bit of planning goes a long way. And you don't need to draw up very large plans either. All it takes is a bit of effort in knowing your business architecture thoroughly well.

Once you know what you really need , it becomes easier to wipe off excesses. That way, you do not end up spending more than what is necessary.

Another plus, it makes things simpler. And it is easier to manage simpler things than it is to manage overly complicated things intertwined together. This saves you loads where ongoing maintenance is concerned.

The server virtualization company had everything they needed to know about their business architecture in one. This helped them to cost effectively and profitably bake security into the very core of their business technology.


ISO 27001 helps you take matters like security and business architecture to a strategic level. That helps you bake security into your core being, keep better watch over your technology, and simplify matters to keep unwanted costs at bay.

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