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Knowlathon IT Services (I) Pvt. Ltd. is established by a team of highly dedicated and experienced professionals aiming to revolutionize the IT learning and certification solutions space across the globe. The perfect combination of energy, experience and innovation in the team makes us a potent force to reckon with.


We aim to revolutionize IT learning and advisory solution space with the right mix of talent and technology. Individuals and organizations find it difficult to keep pace with rapid growth in use and complexity of IT solutions. We help them by creating a right combinations of knowledge content with knowledge consumption catalysts so that it’s easy to learn management of technology and easier still to do it, if you learn with us.


We partner with a large pool of Subject Matter Experts across the globe to develop and deliver unique Learning solutions to IT professionals and an organisations. We believe in developing our own unique IP in terms of course content, learning aids, assessment methods etc, validating it though diverse industry environments and keeping it relevant with the changing technology and business needs. To guarantee highest level of quality to our clients, we ensure all our courses are accredited by relevant authorities and will always address the latest competency sets required by our clients.